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First Class Facilities

As a specialised boutique centre for Aged,

Dementia and Palliative Care,

501 provides a first class range of facilities

each ensuring that residents enjoy optimum comfort, safety, happiness and wellbeing. 


501 meets and surpasses industry accreditations

with the highest possible score grading result

outcome being regularly achieved.


Inviting and elegant, the 501 Care Centre 

provides a loving family atmosphere with just

the right amount of natural light, with all

comforts combining to provide what is

so regularly described as residents relishing a harmonious and joyful quality of life.


An atmosphere

of family

Featuring 62 self contained private

rooms and boutique fittings throughout, the 501 Care Centre offers 57 full time staff members,

with exclusive residents enjoying

an abundance of quality time, friendship, kindness

and attentive care

Beautiful Surrounds

Elegance, warmth and safety

with heating and air conditioning

in all common areas ensuring

just the right temperature

with sun rooms

and lounge areas to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends

Private Rooms

Spacious, private and just like home with each of our quality 62 self contained rooms featuring all the finest comforts and amenities

with natural light and

views of landscaped surrounds or the tranquility of Rosella's in the trees

TV & Sun Rooms

A beautiful ambient atmosphere

greets exclusive residents and family members throughout all areas

of the 501 Care Centre with quality

furnishings all maintained

with impeccable cleanliness 

Home Cooked Meals

Our first grade kitchen is the central hub where residents, carers, nurses and our talented cooks share the joy of spectacular food and cuisine creation with the finest fresh farm and market produce

BBQ & Entertaining

Inviting, comfortable and spacious,

our barbecue and outdoor entertaining areas are accompanied by an array of beautiful flowering plants, water features and ornaments with just the right amount of natural light and warmth

Fresh Air & Nature

Landscaped gardens and Australian bushland surround with an abundance of space and privacy to enjoy the temperate warmth of the famous Gold Coast lifestyle celebrating and acknowledging this special time of life

24 Hour Security

With state-of-the-art security monitoring equipment surrounding the complete facility and the 24 hour presence of full time carers,

residents and their family members enjoy the safety provided

by the 501 Care Centre

Meaningful Friendships

Acknowledged within the industry as

leaders and for providing a truly harmonious atmosphere of love, kindness and professionalism, 501 nurtures beautiful relationships between the residents sharing the reward of such a special time

An Invitation

From each of us here at the 501 Care Centre,

we invite you to experience for yourself, the warmth, camaraderie and caring 

atmosphere enjoyed by our exclusive residents.

The opportunity of a personal tour for yourself and family is invited,

and we look forward to your expression of interest through 

the email fields below.


Thanks! Message sent.

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