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Tailored Lifestyle Programs

The quality and enjoyment of lifestyle at 501 

is relished by each resident with personally designed and co-ordinated 

Lifestyle Programs that nurture and encourage

hobbies, talents and meaningful friendships.


The 501 Care Centre provides full time

Lifestyle Co-ordinators each highly accredited

and displaying a natural ability for an 

abundance of kindness, patience 

and consideration for the safety, happiness and wellbeing of each resident


Each Tailored Lifestyle Program at 501

is overseen with daily consideration, being

co-ordinated to provide the most perfect

environment possible.

The 501 Care

The family atmosphere shines

so brightly at 501, with a real

sense of comfort, familiarity

and happiness.

Hi Teas & Happy Hour

Beautifully landscaped surrounds

set the perfect ambience for

Hi Teas with the

residents relishing this time

with home cooked scones, biscuits

and treats

Scenic Drives

Community links are encouraged

as much as possible with 501 residents enjoying regular outings and special scenic drives to

venues such as the Toowoomba

Tulip Festival

Arts, Crafts & Board Games

Daily life at 501 is perfectly suited

for each resident, co-ordinated and enabled through the compassion, understanding, patience and highly developed skills of the

501 Team of Registered and Enrolled Nurses, Carers and Volunteers

Cooking Club

A popular example of weekly activities includes the Cooking Club 

where residents are invited to participate by choosing and assisting 

with a recipe and sharing that afternoon with fresh tea, cappuccino's and sweets

Wellness Activities

The harmonious quality of lifestyle achieved at 501 enables and nurtures

the willing involvement and participation of residents, enjoying an array of wellness activities

such as sing-a-longs, gardening,

arts and crafts

Movies & Interaction

Elegant, warm and comfortable furnishings reward residents

as they enjoy the camaraderie of friends, relishing an array of interactive activities each personally co-ordinated ensuring

just the right ambience

An Invitation

From each of us here at the 501 Care Centre,

we invite you to experience for yourself, the warmth, camaraderie and caring 

atmosphere enjoyed by our valued residents.

The opportunity of a personal tour for yourself and family is invited,

and we look forward to your expression of interest through 

the email fields below.


Thanks! Message sent.

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